‘The Rime of the Ancient Shopkeeper.’

[reblogged from telegraph]

  There is thought to be around 326 million trillion gallons of the wet stuff on our planet.  That is quite a bit, isn’t it?  And we forget just how powerful it is as well.  Flood waters can do an enormous amount of damage in a very short space of time and there is precious little we can do to stop them.

   If you are a shopkeeper, then it is crucial to be covered against the possibility of water damage.  Having the right type of shop insurance could be the only thing to help keep your business afloat (!) in the aftermath of a flood.

   Whatever it is that you trade in; water can cause you a huge loss of earnings.  And it isn’t just about your premises getting soaked either…  Flood waters are not made up of 100% clean rain water; they will normally be contaminated with the water from our sewers.  Eeww, not a nice thought!