‘To Err is Human.’

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  We all make mistakes sometimes because it is part of being human.  There will also be plenty of occasions when we just do not want to admit it, but that is part of the human condition as well!  Most of the time this is not a big deal; we get something wrong, apologise, dust ourselves down and get on with things.  But if you make a mistake when you are giving out professional advice, then it can be a different matter altogether… 

  If someone makes a claim against you of ‘professional negligence’ then it cannot just be ignored.  An allegation must be either admitted to or defended and this will result in costs.  This is where professional indemnity insurance comes into use.  When all else fails it is there to provide you with the final safety net.  It should never be used unless it is absolutely necessary, but having this type of cover will give you great peace of mind.  If your job involves giving out professional advice, then PI insurance is a very wise thing to have indeed.