An Unappetising Drive-Thru.

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  We all know how dangerous it is to drink and drive.  If you are over the limit then you are immediately putting your own life and the lives of others at risk if you get behind the wheel of a car.  Although this is common knowledge, hundreds of lives are still being lost every year as a direct result of drunken drivers.  However, it isn’t only pedestrians and other road users who need to be worried…  quite a large number of shops have also been damaged as a result of collisions over the years.

  If you run your own business, then having a car smash into your shop front is not going to be your largest concern; fire or theft are probably far bigger fears.  However, an out of control vehicle colliding with your premises is certainly within the realms of possibility.  It is just another one of those vague threats that will be covered in a good shop insurance policy.

  Besides, there is also the chance of someone purposely parking their car in the front of your store if they see it as a viable target for a ram raid…