Being Covered.

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  It is an unfortunate fact that many people love having someone to blame.  This is fair enough if someone is in the wrong, but what about when they are not? 

  If you are working in a profession where clients come to you for advice, then you have a great deal of responsibility.  They are asking for your opinion because they see you as a professional in your field.  But sometimes things will not work out for them and you will be the first one to get the blame for it!  And if you have given them the very best advice that you can then this can be an infuriating position to be in. 

  To add insult to injury, this client may well decide to take you to court.  And if they do it can cost you a lot of money to defend yourself.  This is where it is so important to have professional indemnity insurance.  If you give out advice in a professional capacity then this could save you from a lot of legal costs.  Hopefully you will never find yourself in this situation, but if you ever do you will know you have some kind of protection.