False Economy In Insurance.

[reblogged from wordress]

  There is an old saying; 

‘Skinning a flea for a penny and spoiling a tanner knife doing it.’ 

  For those of you who are confused by this adage, it means that you can only save a certain amount of money before shooting yourself in the foot (so to speak).  It is a good idea to scrimp, but it should never be done at your own cost… 

  We all like to find lower prices when we can and this has become even more important in recent years.  Times have been hard for a good many people and purse strings have tightened all over the country.  However, when you are talking about insurance policies it can be a very different matter… 

  You may well be able to find yourself a better quote for home or shop insurance if you have a look around; but at what other cost?  It may well be that the twenty or thirty pounds you manage to save yourself could cost you thousands if you need to make a claim.