Commercial Let Property Insurance

As a commercial landlord you’ll be aware that risks to your let property are different to those of the residential landlord. While your tenants are unlikely to be the sort to damage your property with wild parties or flood the place by leaving the bath running there are still a multitude of things that can go wrong on commercial premises.

Rodents chewing through electrical cables and causing fires, extreme flood events and vandalism during street protests have all affected commercial let property owners in the UK recently. If such instances were to happen to your let property would your insurance be up to the job?

We know that when it comes to commercial let property, insurance options can often seem bewildering. YesQuote are here to cut through all the jargon. Give our team a call on 0330 024 0755 and we’ll give you all the answers regarding commercial let property insurance quotes.

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About YesQuote Commercial Landlords Insurance

Our commercial property insurance is a package policy, aimed at property owners with either a single property or complete portfolio. The key benefits are highlighted below and you can view full policy details for our commercial property insurance here.

Because every property owner’s requirements are different we tailor each commercial property insurance quote individually. The best way to get the quote you want quickly is to give our experienced team a call on 0330 024 0755.

Key Benefits of YesQuote Commercial Property Insurance

  • Automatic index linking at renewal.
  • Loss of rent up to 20% of the building & contents sum insured.
  • Loss of metered water up to £5,000 for any one event and £15,000 in any period of insurance.
  • Breakage of glass cover included
  • Cover for the cost of professional fees, removal & demolition and rebuilding or repairing following a loss on the buildings.
  • Third party interests can be noted provided we are informed.
  • Locks & keys replacement up to £1,000.
  • Trace and access cover up to £10,000 for any one event and £25,000 in any period of insurance.