Keeping Your Body Covered.

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  Anyone with a special talent will normally rely on a certain part of their anatomy to make their living.  Think about it; if you are a professional ballet dancer, then your legs are incredibly important to your career.  And a sculptor’s hands hold an amazing amount of value (as well as clay, chisels or shaping tools!).  But did you know that these parts of the body can be insured?

  Many famous singers have their voices insured and several actors will have a special insurance on their appearances.  Some celebrities will even take out a policy to protect their distinctive beard or moustache!

  So, if you thought there were only home, car, life and pub insurance policies to consider then think again!  The world of insurance is a very large and far more involved business than you would imagine.  There are all kinds of different polices to choose from; to protect you against just about anything that you can imagine!