Knowing How to Protect Yourself.

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  Do you realise just how important it can be to have professional indemnity insurance?  If you give your professional advice to someone and they suffer financial loss as a result, then you could be in trouble if you do not have this protection.  It is definitely not something that should just be used willy-nilly, but it could help to get you out of a financial crisis of your own.

   If a client feels that you have provided them with a substandard service, then they will normally make a claim against you without any delay.  It could be that you did give them accurate advice and it is they who are in the wrong.  Unfortunately, defending yourself in court will still mean that you receive a large legal bill. 

  You are probably beginning to see why this type of cover is so very important for anyone in this line of work.  Anyone who gives advice or offers their clients a similar service is seen as being an expert in their field.  And if things go wrong, people will normally want to find someone to blame…