Room Service?

[reblogged from webshots]

  Hotels will normally have a lot of people coming and going through their doors; guests, deliveries, reps and staff.  Of course, these are all good signs of a healthy business, but it also means that other individuals can wander in quite easily…  Many criminals are opportunists and if they are able to gain entry to your building without being noticed then they have a huge advantage.

  Apart from any cash on your premises, you may think there is little for them to steal.  But there are some very clever thieves.  What is to stop them breaking into rooms and stealing from your guests?  They could soon determine whether or not a room is empty by simply knocking on the door.  How are your guests to know that they are not a member of your hotel staff?

  Also, something else to take into consideration when you are shopping around for your hotel insurance;  just how much cover will it give you?  And how much safety can you provide to your guests?  Thieves should never be underestimated.  They will come up with the most ingenious methods and it is vital that your property is protected against as many eventualities as possible…