Shop Insurance Policy Summary

This document provides a summary of the significant features, limitations and benefits of the cover available within this Shopkeepers Insurance policy. This summary does not contain the full details of the terms, conditions, exclusions and warranties applicable therefore please refer to the policy wording for the full details. The policy wording is available on request.

About this insurance

This is a package policy for commercial shops, aimed at both independent shopkeepers and franchised retailers including single shops and portfolios. The standard duration of this non-investment insurance contract is 12 months unless otherwise agreed by us.

About the Insurers

This policy is underwritten by Anglo Pacific Consultants (London) Ltd for and on behalf of certain underwriters at Lloyd’s. Lloyd’s is authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Insured perils for buildings & contents

‘All risks’ cover is provided for your buildings (if applicable) and your trade contents & stock for the sums insured selected by you:-

  • Fire, explosion, lightning or earthquake
  • Storm or flood
  • Escape of water
  • Riot & civil commotion
  • Malicious damage
  • Impact
  • Leakage of oil from heating systems
  • Theft by forcible and violent entry/exit
  • Accidental damage

Significant features and benefits

Standard benefits

Cover automatically includes the following extensions and most of the limits shown can be increased on request The minimum cover can automatically increase depending on the size of your shop:-

Standard benefit – Minimum cover

  • Damage to fixed glass, shop fronts and sanitary fittings (Inner limits apply) £3,000
  • Damage to external blinds and signs £1,000
  • Loss or damage to goods in transit £3,000
  • Theft of keys including replacement of locks £1,000
  • Loss of money:-
    • In transit or night safe £3,000
    • During business hours £3,000
    • Outside business hours in a locked safe £3,000
    • From the residence of a principal/employee £500
    • From gaming or vending machines £500
    • Outside business hours not in a locked safe £500
    • Crossed cheques and non negotiable money £250,000
  • Personal accident and assault following a robbery or hold up:-
    • Benefit for death, loss of any limbs or eyes £10,000
    • Benefit per week up to 2 years £100
    • Damage to cash carrying devices or personal effects £500
  • Loss of freezer contents £500
  • Seasonal increase for Stock at busy periods 30%
  • Outside catering cover for property insured £2,000
  • Damage to property insured at exhibitions £2,000
  • Lottery equipment cover Included
  • Loss of metered water £2,500
  • amage to landscaped gardens £1,000
  • Rent/lease payments as tenant if the shop is untenantable from damage by a peril insured 20% of contents
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