The Burning Question.

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  Anywhere that has a busy kitchen has a constant risk of fire.  We can all overlook things sometimes and it is so easy to forget to switch off an appliance.  Most of the time this will not be too big a deal, but there is always the small chance that it could have far more serious consequences…

  Hotels, restaurants and cafes all operate with safety at the very top of their agenda.  This keeps the risk of fire to an absolute minimum, but it does not eliminate it altogether.  Cookers will still be in continual use and flammable fluids must still be kept within or close to the kitchen.

  Restaurant or hotel insurance is designed with the risk of fire very much in mind.  An insurance policy is there as a very last resort.  Hopefully you will never have to make a claim at all, but if you do then it will play an integral role in the rebuilding of your business.