The Purpose of Insurance.

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  Insurance is a funny old thing, isn’t it?  We all pay for it on something or other, yet none of us ever want to be in a position where we will have to make a claim!  It sounds a little strange when you think about it. 

  It doesn’t really matter what type of policy you are talking about; home, car or public house insurance.  They all amount to exactly the same thing.  The whole purpose of it is to give us peace of mind.  We do not want anything to go wrong in our life, but we never know what is around the corner; cars get dented, homes are sometimes flooded and faulty wiring can cause a fire. 

  Basically, insurance is the ultimate safety net.  No-one wants to fall from the tightrope, but… accidents happen.  If you do stumble then it is good to know something is in place to stop you crashing to the ground!