Time, Please (For Better Pub Insurance).

[reblogged from personal.psu.edu]

  If you are a pub owner, then you will know that ninety percent of your patrons are there to have a good time.  They enjoy relaxing with a few beers, catching up with the latest gossip and having a good laugh with their friends.  However, there are always a small number of drinkers who spoil things for everyone else.  Alcohol affects us all differently, but most people will just get silly, soppy or giggly.  A far smaller amount of people can get really nasty after having a drink.

  Dealing with aggressive customers is never very pleasant and some are much worse than others.  It is bad enough if someone is cursing, swearing and generally creating a scene, but physical violence is always a concern.  As a pub owner you have to think about your own personal safety, the well-being of your other customers and the items on your premises.  Drunk, disgruntled customers can cause damage to your property and it may not even happen there and then; broken windows can come about long after you have closed up…

  Most pub insurance policies will protect you against any instances of criminal damage, but some will offer a better amount of protection than others.  If you have any doubts about the quality of your current policy then it is well worth changing over to a different insurer.